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David Hewitt was born in Germany and grew up in the suburbs of Chicago. After completing a B.A. in East Asian Studies, motivated by a love for the martial arts wholly out of proportion to any real-world need for self-defense, he moved to Japan—where he lived for eight years, and where he grew up again. He has at various times been a pet shop boy, a pizza and beer deliveryperson, a translator and interpreter, a houseboy-apprentice, and a teacher of Japanese language, of martial arts, and of English. His fiction has appeared in the horror anthology 2012 AD from Severed Press and earned an Honorable Mention in the prestigious “Writers of the Future” contest, and his translation credits include the Japanese animated series Welcome to the NHK, Area 88, and Gilgamesh, and the animated feature film Blade of the Phantom Master. He earned an MFA in Creative Writing (Popular Fiction) from the University of Southern Maine, Stonecoast, and currently lives in Maryland, where he teaches in the English and ESOL departments at the Community College of Baltimore County.

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